Monday, July 9, 2007

My First Blog Entry

Here is something that I recently learned and found interesting. What do you say about it?

Manual cars are more fuel efficient than cars with an automatic transmission. This book states that a manual transmission can be 20% more fuel efficient than its automatic counterpart.,M1

Sure they require more attention to drive, but think of the savings. What do you think:
Are manual cars worth the trouble/savings?


Alanna said...

I have always heard that manual transmissions are more fuel efficient, but only if you drive them correctly. So many people don't really know how to(me!), that I think it can be more fuel efficient to stick with the automatics. You posted some interesting information!

Anne said...

I've tried driving a few manual cars and I was surprised at how much more power they have. (One of the cars was a mustang, so that might be why. But,) I was really impressed. (But I do own an automatic 4 cylinder.:))

Janet said...

You're comments in class about the different advantages to using blogs were great! I'm looking forward to hearing more about your thoughts about technology and education during the next two weeks.