Tuesday, July 17, 2007

1/2 of The Emerging technology presentations

I found all of the presentations done so far to be useful and look forward to listening to the rest of the presentations. A special well done job to Cindy for having shown us exactly how powerful and moving digital storytelling can be. She clearly went above and beyond simple telling us about digital storytelling by sharing her own personal stories with us.

On a different note I found this interesting article about how alot of corporate publications on the internet are down, but advertising on blog like sites is up. I see this as good news as we are straying away from Big media (During a project last semester I learned that only six corporations controll all of the media in the United States. So straying away from this limited number of sources is a good thing in my book!) Any thoughts on this?


Janet said...

It's interesting that only six outlets control the media in our country, Vincent. Perhaps the use of blogs will help distribute more and different news. Thanks for providing the link.

Anne said...

It's interesting that only 6 companies control all of the media for the US. It's amazing how corporate conglomerates work and how corporations are becoming more and more powerful with time.
Interesting fact!
PS- Great presentation. It was enlightening!

Rachel said...

I enjoyed your presentation and really respect your concentration. I took a computer science class at UCCC and it was extremely difficult for me- It was like learning a new language. It really hit home and made me feel like I could accomplished things when programs actually ran the way I wanted them too! Oh the old days...

Nicole said...

I think our society is definitely heading in the right direction with the use of blogs instead of major conglomerates. It seems to me that this article's findings show the trend that people are increasingly relying on public opinion and thoughts rather than the spoon-fed ideas that are spoon-fed by those six companies. Excellent job, by the way, on your presentation yesterday! I had never heard of open/closed source before your presentation.

Nancy said...

I was glad you posted this ink as I don't routinely read Forbes. My question about advertising is that consciously I haven't be influenced by the advertising I see on the web. I do respond to emails from companies that send me emails about sales, but those were companies I dealt with be fore buying in the Internet. I wonder who is reading the advertising?