Friday, July 13, 2007

Emerging teachnologies presentation

I am actually looking forward to making this presentation because I plan on doing it on a topic that is important to me, which is Closed source Vs Open source programs. My greatest diffculty I think will be not tell let my own opinions infinge on the introduction of these topics because I am heavily polarized on this issue. Im sure you will quickly be able to tell which side I favor within the first couple of minutes of my presentation.


Nancy said...

i have no idea what you mean by Closed and Open programs so I am looking forward to your presentation on Monday.

Gwinyeo Kwak said...

It was little hard for me understand what Closed and Open programs, but I really liked the way you presented. It was a clear and well0organized.

jody said...

I enjoyed your presentation today very much. I am happy to report I understand the terms "closed source" and "open source" programs. I found the presentation very interesting as I previously did not know anything about these two concepts.
My husband and I had an interesting conversation about the pros and cons of open and closed programs. He had previously told me about an open source program (whoops I forget the name) that provides most of the Microsoft Word functions to people for free. I was hesitant to recommend the website to my students, but now I understand the idea behind open source software, I will suggest my students use it. Thanks!


Janet said...

I'm glad to hear you looked for forward to creating your presentation about open and closed source programs, Vincent. It seems that many people benefited from learning about the difference between the two.