Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Finished presenting today, Get ready to present tommorow!

Well after today I feel confident about my knowledge and understanding of blogs (just messing with you Anne and Angelo). I was particularly disturbed by the lack of freedom of speech available to bloggers and fear that we will continually be limited in our freedom of speech as our ability to reach more people increases. Ironic, don't you think? The message I get from this interpretation of freedom of speech is that it is great, as long as you cant reach enough people to make a difference. In a democracy, power goes to the people... right?

On a more uplifting side of life, now that we have looked at various emerging technologies I look forward to seeing how you would use them in your classrooms to improve education. When I first looked at this assignment on the first day of class I was worried that this would be a big project since my experience making lesson plans is still quite limited. But considering that I am practically done with it already from having class time to work on it (thank you Professor) I am happy we have it as an assignment.


Nancy said...

I too am concerned with limits on our liberties. I even began to question how what I was posting on my blog could be viewed by my school district. Janet calmed my fears by giving me more examples of writing that would be targeted.

Janet said...

I'm glad you feel the lesson plan assignment was worthwhile, Vincent. As teachers we need to incorporate technology into our lesson plans, not just use it because we can.

littleleo21 said...

Hey, i really liked your presentation on the smart board. It was interesting to see how knowlegable you are with the security of the internet i dont know much about any of that stuff so it was def cool to hear about it.